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Primary Cryptocurrency Church of America – Temple 420 Los Angeles

ByHazel R. Lang

Oct 13, 2021

“I think it’s the church’s job to ensure the spiritual and financial well-being of our faithful during this difficult time of global upheaval and Let’s Go Brandon! Temple 420 shares what we honestly think and hope the lives of those who listen to us will be better, ”said Craig X Rubin, Founder of Temple 420.

This pro-cannabis sanctuary accepts donations in digital currencies, for example bitcoin, XRP and shiba inu, although these new types of payments are questionable, with Forbes magazine announcing that cryptocurrencies enrich racist and white supremacists, the church moving them forward. Give since they accept that we are living in a time of apocalypse.

Temple 420 – http://www.temple420.org/ – has chosen to support its ministry by accepting donations in crypto currencies and by selling 3 humorous NFTs available at https://bit.ly/3oo8EeF, https: // bit .ly / 3mbQbza, https://bit.ly/39ZaZUT.

Temple420.org leads a 49-day ministry that was started on the Jewish holiday of Yom Teruah, the day of shouting or the day of the trumpets. Temple 420 has already been launched twice before being arrested by law enforcement in Los Angeles. The church leader was sentenced to nearly 20 years in the justice system because his dispensary provided less than half the weight of a nickel, or 2.5 grams of marijuana, to an undercover police officer with a note from the doctor allowing him to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Temple 420 teaches that the Red Horse, the Second Seal of Revelation, is a worldwide secret war. “The world is in a storm. The company knows something is wrong. We obviously don’t shoot people, but a red country is at war with the world. The Red Horse takes the peace of the world. Nations are divided – within households and between rulers and the people. That is why the rider on the red horse carries a great sword to take peace.

The third temple was purchased during the COVID crisis. It’s online and focuses on the end times prophecy, but that focus has led to their censorship on social media. “The Temple teaches that the First Seal of Revelation was opened with the Crown Virus. The “bow” is the Greek word “Tocson” (pronounced toxon), which means ordinary tissue, like a face mask. The pastor admits that he might be wrong in his interpretation, but he says he is sincere in his belief. “The rider on the white horse is a medical professional acting like Christ, the healer, but in fact they are a false Christ or a pseudo Christ.”

Temple 420 is the “Crypto Church” because of the Dark Horse that comes out at the opening of the Third Seal. The head of the temple says that these seals are coming faster now as a birth contraction,

“Almost all Bible scholars agree that the dark horse represents starvation, inflation and the judgment of a wicked people, so we recommend all 25 of our followers to buy XRP, SHIB or Bitcoin to protect their wealth. before the period of higher inflation and the potential for food shortage as predicted by the Bible We saw it happen with toilet paper last year.

Temple 420 teaches from the Bible: “We are believers and Jesus said he would not leave us without knowing in this time of Tribulation. I think gold and silver are God’s money, just like Robert Kiyosaki says. Crypto is people’s money because central banks cannot print it worthless. We therefore encourage our subscribers to buy them. The Temple claims there are negatives to crypto too, “I think money is freedom and I pray it doesn’t go away,” the pastor says, “but the Federal Reserve is abusing its power to create money. Like Ron Paul, I want to see them audited and have competition. Monopolies abuse their power. Cryptocurrencies are competition, a counterweight to the Federal Reserve monopoly. “Some executives of the Fed recently resigned when it was revealed they were profiting in the inside information market.

The pastor continued, “I love Shiba Inu because I can send tiny payments to my daughter in college, Bitcoin in the form of digital gold, a wealth store, and XRP because it is a network. global payment platform with real utility. So, I have no hesitation in saying that people who follow us on YouTube should put some of their assets in cryptocurrencies to hedge against inflation. If you bought Shiba Inu $ 500 last year, you are more than good this year, a millionaire maybe? Peter Schiff is right about the gold, but what are you going to do to transport it for shopping? Mark Dice couldn’t donate a $ 2,000 silver bar, but I can use my Coinbase card at the supermarket and spend my cryptos. We want our subscribers to be financially protected.

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  • Primary Cryptocurrency Church of America – Temple 420 Los Angeles
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