• Tue. Nov 2nd, 2021

Patreon explores the craft of cryptocurrency

ByHazel R. Lang

Nov 2, 2021

Patreon executives again teased their organization’s expansion into the crypto world at a 2021 Creator Economy summit by the Information Panel. Patreon CEO Jack Conte introduced himself with chief reporting officer Julian Gutman, saying: Conte noticed that while the scene does not currently have full-time employees focused on money digital, she was thinking of recruiting them. Gutman went on to say, “I think for us, really thinking about how we continue to ensure that we are creating a sustainable recurring future for creators is why we are valuing the crypto space more broadly.” In 2019, the Libertarian discusses current host Dave Rubin switched from Patreon to tolerating bitcoin giveaways due to what he saw as a restriction on half the platform. Last month, Twitter rolled out a crypto donation feature built into many primarily internet-based goals, along with Patreon.

In particular, Patreon’s current terms of service prohibit the use of the platform to promote cryptocurrencies outside of the sphere of personal funding recommendation.

The statements follow last month’s announcement that the company was seeking suggestions from its buyers on the potential to launch a Creator Coin / Social Token. During a livestream, Patreon’s Policy Officer Lauren Crentshaw said: Hold on to this shows they’re part of your fan club.

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  • Patreon explores the craft of cryptocurrency
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